Whiteboard Expert provides coding challenges and training videos

You’ve spent hours learning how to code, building projects for your portfolio, and you finally landed an interview for your dream job. Now there’s another obstacle to overcome: the whiteboard interview.

Sure, this may seem a bit intimidating, especially if you’re new to tech—and that’s okay. Like any other interview, with the proper preparations and practice, you’ll be able to waltz through it like a pro.

What exactly are whiteboard interviews?

A whiteboard interview is your chance to demonstrate your technical knowledge when presented with a coding problem. Whiteboard interviews are common at many levels, so even if you’re applying for your very first job as a frontend developer, you might need to demonstrate your coding chops live.

Typically, interviewers will ask you to work out a solution on the spot by writing your code on a whiteboard while the interviewing team observes and peppers you with questions. The problem may take up to an hour to solve, and the entire interview may last a day.

Why Whiteboard Expert?

Whiteboard Expert provides you will real world whiteboard challenges that have been asked during actual job interviews .

Not only that we provide you will video training showing live whiteboard exercises. Watch how our Senior Developer's handle the whiteboard challenge so you will know how to master your job interview questions